Friday, 19 June 2015

Friday, it's Friday!

This just about sums it up.  Lately I've been a conflicted mess.  So many things running around in my head that I want to do.  Long hours spent at work.  Coming home and wanting to do it all, and nothing, at the same time.  Is that weird?

I need to organise my linen closet.

I want to make this Bourbon Whiskey BBQ Sauce.  We still have an untouched bottle of Kentucky Bourbon in the cupboard from our trip last summer.

I think we need to change up taco night next week with these Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken Tacos.

This Mediterranean Tuna Salad would make a perfect sandwich, and this Tuna Dip looks amazing, but is my love for tuna a good thing?  According to this article, maybe not.

After our furniture outing last weekend, I seem to have caught a bit of a decorating bug.  Check out this Teen Boy's Bedroom.

I want to try making my own ice cream.  These no churn ice cream recipes look perfect.  So do these Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwiches.

And these make your own Dessert Pizzas need to happen!

I need a planner.  Like this Free Printable 2016 Planner.  Despite all the technology that surrounds me, I'm still a pen and paper girl at heart.

Sunday is Father's Day.  Here's a quick and easy craft if you're scrambling for something at the last minute.  

Not that I know what that's like or anything.

Happy weekend all!


  1. That quote is the story of my life! Love that teen boy's bedroom - my son's room hasn't been redone since he was three. He is almost fourteen, and I keep waiting for him to ask for a redo. Maybe when he grows out of that twin bed!

  2. Mmmm, I had delicious dessert pizza last night at a birthday party. PLUS sex in a pan. It was decadent.

  3. If we only had about 15 more hours in a day....then maybe we could do it all and nothing all at the same time! Then again, we'd probably just thing of more stuff we want to do!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing.
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage (

  4. That quote sums it up for me too! Thanks for linking up!

  5. I can relate to this COMPLETELY. This entire post sums up the way my brain functions. It goes in a million and one directions for 24 hours a day. Now you have a wonderful reference for when you need to refer back to some things you want to accomplish until you get that planner ;)
    Thank you so much for linking up with #candidcuddles!

  6. I agree. Do it all and do absolutely nothing.

  7. That totally sums me up especially at the moment, so much on my to do list but so busy at work #candidcuddles x

  8. okay, I am starving now! I want all those recipes.... but I don't want to have to cook. So, see .. I get you. :)

    I am busy getting many things done before the kids are off school for summer. but I also am taking time to make sure I do some things for me, and rest, each day too. then I need to come up with a summer daily plan for us: not too rigid - we want to leave time for spontaneous beach trips, but also a little structure is good too. I should check out that planner because I am a pen and paper girl too.

  9. Oh if you write it all down, it can get overwhelming! so many things to be done and so little time (or interest) to do them. Thank you so much for linking up with #candidcuddles x

  10. I can identify with that quote especially at the moment! So many things happening. Thanks for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes


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