Tuesday 28 May 2013

I'm on a Photo-a-Day Roll!

I'm feeling like a superstar these days.  I've been keeping my camera handy and taking almost a photo a day.   I'm also using my phone's camera a lot more.  This is something I've never been very good at... the nagging perfectionist in me just isn't satisfied with the picture quality... but sometimes a mediocre photo is better than no photo at all.  Right?

Like beautiful wedding receptions, and proof that my kids can dress up:

And the fabulous candy table:

And random everyday stuff, like organizing National Geographic, napping puppies... and evidence of the *ahem* sociability of certain adult children:

We filled FOUR garden bags with dandelions over the Victoria Day weekend:

There was some craftiness:

Some baking:

And some girl stuff to round out this boy momma:

I'm on a roll baby!

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Photo Dump

Remember back in January when I decided to try on this whole Photo a Day thing, in an absolutely non-new-years-resolution sort of way? These past few months I've been hit and miss with my camera - and I definitely have not been taking daily pictures.  I have, however, kept my camera closer... and I have been making more of an effort to snap random bits of daily life.  

Like daily puppy cuddles, random frog encounters, and a wayward wild turkey...

 And the beautiful Birthday flowers that I received...

Oh, and remember this?  Yep, those vases came in handy :)

Monday 13 May 2013

Mother's Day

I hope everyone that is a Mom, has a Mom, wants to be a Mom, or is missing their Mom had a peaceful Mother’s Day.

I was not allowed to do the dishes and cooking was off-limits.  It was a day of sunshine, sleet, hail, rain and snow.  Crazy May weather.  It was also a day to spend time at the rink as any self-respecting hockey mama would.  Try-out schedules do not bend to Sunday brunches or Mother’s Day dinners.  I was loved on with poems, flowers, crafts, and chocolates.  Oh, and a massive bag of Chicago Mix from Costco… unbelievably addictive deliciousness.  Seriously - my jaw was sore from shoveling it back. 

We ended the day with more hockey – it is playoffs after all.

And the CN Tower will dress up in Maple Leaf Blue again tonight.


The past few weeks have been adjustment weeks.  Mornings are starting earlier and the days are getting longer.  The adult children have wrapped up their schooling for the year and have transitioned into work mode with their co-op positions and summer jobs.  Hockey has finished and we’re in the midst of try-outs for next season.  Soccer assessments have been done and the boys will be on the pitch soon.  For the first time in many years, there is no elementary or secondary school graduation looming which has me feeling relieved, yet strangely envious of all the prom-crazed Mommas I know. 

I’ve been tweeting and taking photos, so I haven’t been completely negligent in the memory keeping department, but it’s mid May and the last time I posted anything here it the calendar still said April. 

Stay tuned – I’ll be sharing our new found love for all things quinoa soon.  Who knew those pearly little grains could be so awesome?
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