Friday 29 August 2014

Dog Days of Summer

It arrives like clockwork every year, this feeling of melancholy as summer draws to an end.  Next week everyone will be back to school.  We'll be up early, packing lunches, filling out forms, and adjusting to new schedules.... and I'm not ready.  

The uniforms are washed, and we have fresh pens and paper, but I'd much rather be packing up for another day at the beach.

It was a working summer, and although we tried to plan weekend outings, we didn't get very many items checked off of our summer to-do list.  It's disappointing, and adds another layer to blanket of guilt I sometimes feel as a parent.  I'm grateful for the years I was able to spend at home with my kids when they were smaller, but oh how I wish I could have had another summer with them.

I'm thankful for a big sister that took her brothers to the city for a museum outing, and a baseball game.  And for a big brother that remembered to include his brothers in after-work fishing and golfing. 

And for an impromptu trip to a small local zoo.  'Cause you're never too old for the zoo.


We had a wonderful weekend in Kentucky, and the boys had a fun cottage weekend with their dad, but I can't help but feel like I failed them somehow because we didn't get to do all the other things that we hoped to accomplish.

So here we are, heading into the last long weekend of the summer, wondering what we can squeeze into these last few days, and wishing that summer could last just a little longer.

Friday 15 August 2014

Summer Weekend in Kentucky

It's already mid August.  Two more weeks of summer vacation before school and hockey schedules rule our lives.  We've done our best to enjoy this summer, despite work schedules that didn't really allow for much of a break.  We managed a weekend trip to Kentucky, as we did last year, to visit friends.  Driving through the night allowed us to arrive while the sun was coming up.

I had to get my Trader Joe's fix, of course.  Hello Cookie Butter.

There was an afternoon of go carts and mini golf.

Not-so-mini golf, and beating the heat in the pool.

And some good old hanging around in the backyard.

Grateful for friends that open their home to us, and long weekends that allow time for summer road trips.

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