Friday, 29 August 2014

Dog Days of Summer

It arrives like clockwork every year, this feeling of melancholy as summer draws to an end.  Next week everyone will be back to school.  We'll be up early, packing lunches, filling out forms, and adjusting to new schedules.... and I'm not ready.  

The uniforms are washed, and we have fresh pens and paper, but I'd much rather be packing up for another day at the beach.

It was a working summer, and although we tried to plan weekend outings, we didn't get very many items checked off of our summer to-do list.  It's disappointing, and adds another layer to blanket of guilt I sometimes feel as a parent.  I'm grateful for the years I was able to spend at home with my kids when they were smaller, but oh how I wish I could have had another summer with them.

I'm thankful for a big sister that took her brothers to the city for a museum outing, and a baseball game.  And for a big brother that remembered to include his brothers in after-work fishing and golfing. 

And for an impromptu trip to a small local zoo.  'Cause you're never too old for the zoo.


We had a wonderful weekend in Kentucky, and the boys had a fun cottage weekend with their dad, but I can't help but feel like I failed them somehow because we didn't get to do all the other things that we hoped to accomplish.

So here we are, heading into the last long weekend of the summer, wondering what we can squeeze into these last few days, and wishing that summer could last just a little longer.


  1. I think that every parent feels this guilt in one form or another. Life is such a moving current that makes for so many emotions. And I am with you on the end of summer....hard to believe. Good luck with the school routines and transitions. Happy weekend to your crew! Nicole xo

  2. Wow Fantastic photos. I love the one of the white lions especially. Happy Labor Day weekend, have a safe one.

  3. Ahh, fab photos - I feel the same way as you! I try so hard not to wish time away during winter and not to imagine time away at the end of summer!

  4. I associate the phrase "dog days of summer" with the years I spent studying in Philadelphia. To me it meant when the weather was so humid it was hard to enjoy the summer. In over 20 years back in UK I've barely heard it said. But reading this post, I know exactly what it means. Good luck with back to school. #pocolo

  5. Oooo these photos make me want to go to the beach!! :) Thank you for linking up for FBF.

  6. I hear ya. my hubby changed jobs for the summer, which changed his shift schedule, which meant he was gone all day every day with our one vehicle. so, quite literally stuck at home with the kids and not as many beach or park or museum days I would have liked. but, we were together and we made the best of it, so I guess it was not a total loss. But still..... one more beach day would be sweet indeed.
    love all these pics!! so much goodness and cute animal feels!

  7. Great animals,like you I hate to have summer go, but its been so hot, the cooler weather will be welcome. We dont have bad winters so its good.
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos!!

  8. I am wishing too that summer is longer. My son will start school tomorrow and I am so not ready. #livingarrows

  9. Oh Jenn, I am soooooo not ready for it to be over either!! I feel absolutely robbed of summer from a chaotic work schedule :(


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