Monday 29 June 2009

Game on!

Hockey season may be over but the the game lives in our house year 'round. The boys have traded skates for sneakers, and the hockey sticks that put in all that ice time over the winter are now taking a beating on the pavement. No need for protective gear when facing off on the road with the neighbourhood kids, and the fun factor multiplies when a few parents join in and the cousins come up to join in on the fun. They even have their own version of the Stanley Cup and the 'series' is tied right now - two wins for each 'team'. Nevermind that the make-up of each team is constantly changing - or that the kids are forever trying to switch over to the winning side. They've played in blazing heat and downpours, and talk that sounds suspiciously like Coach's Corner goes on long after the post-game swim. I love to see my boys out there - having fun and loving the game no matter what time of year it is. I love that no matter how busy our schedule is, there's always time for a few hours with their dad, friends, uncles and cousins to play some good ole neighbourhood road hockey.

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