Thursday, 30 October 2008


I spent 4.49 on a 4lb bag of apples yesterday. Seriously. We're not talking about exotic, imported, out-of-season fruit here - these apples are in season and locally grown. I swear that the last time I was paying attention, these apples couldn't have been more than 2.99 - and I'm pretty sure they were 5lb bags (or maybe that's potatoes?). I've been finding myself paying attention to the price of food in a way that I never have before. Like 2.99 for a loaf of bread. Seriously. Never mind being gauged at the gas pump - it's happening at the grocery store - big time. Not only is everything more expensive, but package quantities are shrinking too. Spend more, get less. We had planned to go apple picking last weekend but the weather was lousy and we were busy with hockey and soccer. I think we'll try to go this weekend... and I'm going to blow the dust off of my breadmaker. Seriously.

Avalon Orchard - October 2007

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