Tuesday, 21 October 2008

You have GOT to be kidding...

It is SNOWING outside. OK, so it's melting as soon as it hits the ground but c'mon... SNOW? Did I mention we were swimming last week? Of course, this was cause for near panic when we scrambled to find gloves and hats before heading off to school. We go through it every year. At the end of last winter, I made sure to wash and store all the winter gear so it would be ready when the cold weather returned but if you've ever seen my basement, you'd understand why they weren't out in plain sight at eight thirty this morning.

I remember being in a state of shock when we had an early snowfall last year. I had the presence of mind to take some pictures and this one is still one of my favourites.

Here's hoping this won't last. With Halloween just over a week away, I'd like for the milder weather to come back for just a little longer.

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