Saturday, 18 October 2008

Thoughts on Fall

Fall leaves, Mactier, Ontario, 2003

It's official, we closed the pool yesterday which means it won't be long before we're shoveling the driveway. We're well into fall, and probably one of the last in the neighbourhood to put an end to our swimming season. While admiring the fall colours, I found myself reflecting on another summer gone by, full of moments that hopefully memory will serve well. It would be nice to have a mental rolodex to flip through when I'm old but the reality is, most of the moments we expect to cherish someday eventually fade from memory. Although I haven't scrapbooked in a very long time, I think that's what scrapbooking is all about - so we can look back years later and think "Look, we were always smiling! It was always sunny! That was such a wonderful trip!"

So here we are - admiring the beauty of autumn and knowing that summer, as usual, went by way too fast.

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