Sunday, 2 November 2008

Post Halloween Crash

The sugar high is wearing off. My head is pounding and I might as well hook myself up to my coffeemaker with an IV. As usual, I overdid it on chocolate. These tiny bite size chocolate bars make it easy to underestimate how much you're really eating. By last night there wasn't a Crispy Crunch or Reese's Peanut Butter Cup left in the house and I was forced to move onto Mars & Wunderbar. Remember getting full size bars for Halloween?

I'm surprised that the kids aren't cranky after two late nights in a row and massive amounts of sugar. Halloween night was great fun. The weather was beautiful and the kids were able to cover a lot more of the neighbourhood than in years past. For the first time ever, no one had to be carried home early. None of our teenagers joined in (they ALL dressed up and went out last year) - having to either work, choosing to spend the night with friends, or staying home to hand out treats at the door.  I was a little saddened by it all but the upside was being able to walk around with my little trick-or-treaters for the first time! Look at little Ben standing at a doorway - last year he wouldn't have had the courage to walk up to a strange door by himself. These kids of ours are growing up SO fast.

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