Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday, it's Friday!

I found these wise words on Tumblr this week.  

They reminded of an article I read a while back.  We really need to stop the glorification of busy.

I sometimes forget about my Tumblr account, but this week I've been happily reading inspirational snippets and re-blogging all the pretty autumn things.

This was amusing.  Can Men Really Have It All?

And this dad's Hilarious Letters to excuse his kids for being late for school are priceless!

These gorgeous Espresso Shortbread Cookies caught my eye.   So did these Chocolate Pretzel Caramel Crumb Bars.  Dangerous baked goods, that's what they are.

I love this Felt Leaf Wreath.  

And this Bat Chandelier would be an easy and amazing Halloween Decoration.  Wonder if my kids are up to it?

Halloween Colouring Pages, for grown-ups.

And a quick and easy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole to add to our weeknight dinner rotation.

Did you see the dog photos I shared this week?

Happy Friday, happy weekend!


  1. I really liked that first tumblr piece about keeping so busy we will fall apart at any moment. I used to live in NY years ago and it was like that for me, then I moved to Greece and things went at a snail's pace. But with time the Greeks also changed their ways and started to adapt western ways and are now running around like headless chickens. Always rushing. So I'm back to square

  2. Those are very wise words. I particularly liked the felt wreath...and chocolate pretzel caramel crumb bars? I'm sold! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  3. I agree about overexertion. I'm sick in bed today because of doing too much.. or of having three sick family members, more likely.
    I'm going to focus on those espresso shortbread cookies, though.

  4. Preach it!! I have been saying for a couple of years now that this "glorification of busy" had to stop. Like, yes - I am busy -- but I am not going to wear it like a badge earned. It's just what is it is some days: Life. But I know the important stuff - the creamy filling in the middle - is when we pause, slow down - be still and notice the beauty all around us. Listen.
    That Twitter account is a gift. But seriously, I have had some of those things actually said to me as a mom. It's astounding.

  5. You know what? You're completely RIGHT! I honestly never thought about how it's completely wrong to glorify the fact that we're so tired/stressed that we can't function without the need for coffee or wine or anything else! It's not healthy to run yourself ragged. Not to mention, it's not good for our children to see us that way. They need to learn to live life in an enjoyable way, taking their time and soaking in the simple moments. Thank you for this. I'm pinning! #mg

  6. I'm guilty of glorifying me being busy too which can sometimes affect how I deal with my kids, not fair for them I think. However, that chocolate pretzel caramel crumb bars have caught my eye, looks yummy! Anyway, Have like your FB page too lovely! Thanks for sharing! #mg

  7. Look at the pups! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Great post and thanks.for.sharing the links X

  9. Those are wise words indeed. It does seem like people wear exhaustion as a badge of honour. We need to be more like those doggies - taking time to just enjoy a gallop in the outdoors! :) #happydiaries

  10. Your quote links quite nicely with my teddy bear story. Most adults I know in my village dont realise the bears are rhere bwcause they are too busy 5o notice them. We should all slow down sometimes.
    I live the dad letters too, I may have to include them in next weeks news round up. Thanks for linking, Tracey xx #Happydiaries

  11. ...I came looking!
    Herzlich Pippa

  12. It's funny how much I have read lately (on social media) about the overuse of the word(s) 'being busy', 'stressed' etc. and I get it. However, I am freakin' busy at work there is just no other word for it :) but I also know that there'll be other times. on this feeling, for too long.

  13. So true, it's like we feel guilty to say we have free time! Great point! So glad you shared this. #mg

  14. I love inspirational quotes i just need to read more :-)

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  15. I agree. Busy is not a character quality.


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