Friday, 21 August 2015

Week In The Life | It's Friday!

I'm working hard to clear my desk.  I'm off next week.  I can't remember when I last had an entire week off work.  Tomorrow will be all about shopping and packing for a week up north, enjoying the solitude of a cottage on a lake, surrounded by a lot of nature.

As I knew would happen, my commitment to a Week In The Life has fizzled.  I haven't given up, and I expect the weekend will provide new motivation, but my real camera hasn't been picked up since Monday, and there's only so many phone pictures I can take of my desk and my kitchen.  Life is dull when I'm at work.  Period.

Monday and Tuesday here.

Wednesday and Thursday more or less:

Fast food at my desk.
Smoothies to compensate.
Garbage day.  Yes neighbours, I take photos of my garbage.  I'm cool like that.
School uniform shopping.
New puppy.
Late night reading and cereal.  Cereal with marshmallows to be exact.
Super salad.  To make up for the marshmallows.

Of course, there was time for the wonders of the internet:

This letter, the one I wish I'd written my kids this summer.

Beautiful Quebec City.  I'd like to plan a weekend there this fall.

This Tofino Gooey Butter Cake.  Like the St. Louis version, but not.

This Bourbon Walnut Pound Cake.  Holy moly.

And these Cinnamon Glazed Zucchini Bars.  You know how I love to sneak healthy things into baked goods :)

Happy Friday, happy weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful week off! I also have found my love for a weekly summary post has fizzled out!!

  2. I don't think ever in my life have I take a photo of my garbage - hmm, something I got to do, me thinks :) Have a great week off, Jenn. Enjoy nature and don't forget you camera for some extra beautiful shots.

  3. I often think that when I eat a salad, then I can eat something not healthy, to balance it out. The marshmallow cereal looks wonderful! Is it the Mom's brand? We buy that instead of Lucky Charms/

    Cute puppy alert!

  4. I like the cereal and Nora Roberts day!!! that is a pretty good end to any day. Lucky Charms? that's my go to marshmallow cereal. ha

  5. Hmm now I'm hungry! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Hello how cute is your puppy!! Late night reading with cereal sound awesome #mummyandus

  7. The !week in a life" thing, is that only about things you "do" (activities? That's going to be "hard" for lack of a better word, if you work 8-5, because that would be the center of your week then... sorry, I'm not trying to make it harder on you...

    1. An exciting life loaded with activities isn't a requirement, but yes... working all day makes it challenging to find fresh ways to document our days! See how Ali Edwards approaches this challenge here:

  8. Hope you have a fab week off. That puppy is adorable, I want a cuddle!!
    Becky-LittleOandme xx


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