Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer Skies

The air feels heavy this time of year.  It settles on you like a blanket, equal parts comforting and oppressive.  It's hot and humid. 

And wonderful.

That a place like this - that sees such extreme cold in the winter - can feel so tropical, if only for a short time, is an amazing thing.

Lush and green, with unsettled skies as thunderstorms threaten to roll in. 

Those winters make us appreciate these summers that much more.


  1. All that lush greenery! It's so beautiful. It's such a stark contrast to the desert that I live in.

  2. Quite beautiful! I'm sure it is just as stunning in the winter.

  3. I agree - it makes me appreciate summer so much more. I have no desire to be cold.. ever again. But it will happen, of course, and I'll miss this hot and humid blanket.

  4. you will not hear me complaining about the heat - ever! I know only too well that it is about . what 16 - 18 weeks before we are freezing again? yeah no -- give it to me as hot as you can summer, I'll take it!! LOL
    but we have had a lot of those clouds around here too. makes beach trip planning very difficult.

  5. Beautiful shots I bet it looks nice whatever the weather :-)

  6. So true. Summer is to balance those long, dark winter months!

    Thanks for linking! #wwwblp

  7. It sounds like you are enjoying the warmth of summer. Those clouds must have been doing something, it is nice and green. I live in the tropics and our winter is lovely but summer, ugh so sticky and horrible and goes on forever. I think a good balance is nice and I miss actually being cold in winter (says she wearing shorts in the middle of winter).


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