Friday, 16 May 2014

Getting Outside

It's been a wet week, so when the rain paused for a while last night we went for a walk.  It's so nice to get outside and see the world around us turning green.  And now that my camera is safely back home, it came along for a walk too.

The geese are back on the pond that served as a skating rink all winter.

Grateful that spring has finally sprung, and hoping for sunny skies as we head into a holiday weekend!


  1. Beautiful shots of your walk... Just stunning! It has been wet here too. Here is to sunny skies! A lovely weekend to you lady! Nicole

  2. Oh - so jealous!! I've been trying to "shoot" this red wing blackbird that sits in my front maple tree all spring! but he's too fast. as soon as I open the front door, the little devil hops down to the lawn, poses for like 2 seconds -- and just as I raise the camera: off he goes. little devil.
    we've had quite a bit of rain too -- but my garden is not complaining. The kids -- different story.

  3. We adore red-winged blackbirds! In fact my son just bought this week with his pocket money an Audobun one which makes their call when you squeeze it. Which he did on the last walk when he saw a red-winged blackbird nearby. Lovely shots. #pocolo

  4. Beautiful photos. The bird photo is my fave. That bird stand out with the gray background. #PoCoLo

  5. What beautiful photos Jenn. I love that stunning bird too - it looks like a wonderful walk. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x


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