Saturday, 22 December 2012

Late to the Party

I was tagged, Christmas style, by the lovely Kera at Nugget On A Budget, and immediately loved the idea of sharing our Christmas traditions!  I've had the post half-created in my mind ever since, but am only now able to finally find the time to post it.  Life is busy at the best of times, and more so this time of year - as it is, I'm still not entirely prepared for Christmas which is just days away!

Nugget On A Budget

Lanaya at Raising Reagan started this by tagging five different bloggers, whose Christmas or holiday traditions she wanted to learn more about.  SUCH a great idea!  Those tagged would then answer five questions, pick five more bloggers to tag, and so on....

Since I'm late to the party there won't be any tagging happening here.  It's time to focus on family and Christmas.  Instead, I invite you to create a post sharing your Christmas traditions and leave a comment with the link so we can all be sure to check it out.

Here we go with Kera's questions!

1.  What makes Christmas such a special holiday for you and your family?

It's all about time with family.  All year long we're hard pressed to make time to see grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles.  During the Christmas holiday we make time to spend with our families.  Oh, and the food... can't forget about all the great food!

2.  Were you told the truth about Santa by your parents or did you find out another way?  And... do you plan on lying to your kids when the time comes?

I don't remember when I had my ah-ha moment.  I know it was a gradual thing, first being suspicious, then searching for hidden presents (and finding them) and finally knowing the truth.  And, yes, we have lied to our kids for years!  The older kids know what's up but our youngest is still a believer, and the second youngest is on the fence... he's suspicious but afraid to stop believing for fear that it may mean the end of the present train.

Source: Etsy

I'm grateful to our older kids for not spoiling the Santa illusion for their younger siblings as they each came to realize the truth, and helping us preserve the magic a little longer.  

3.  Real tree or fake?

Real, always real!  Getting the tree is one of our favourite traditions!  I recently wrote about  the magic that is Drysdale's Tree Farm here.  

It's such a festive place, so much to do and see... and they have a beautiful store where each of the kids chooses a new tree ornament every year.

We didn't get there this year but did find a smaller, local farm where we chose a beautiful tree. 

4.  Do you open presents on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, or both?

When we spend Christmas at home, or with my in-laws, the presents are opened Christmas morning, after herding kids to bed on Christmas Eve so that Santa can come while they sleep.  The tradition on my side of the family has always been to open presents on Christmas Eve, and we still open gifts on Christmas Eve when we go to my parents.  After dinner, which is always a whole filet mignon, we head out to admire Christmas lights and return to find that Santa came while we were out!

Added bonus:  when we return home after spending Christmas with my parents, the kids get to open the presents that Santa left under our tree while we were away!

5.  What's your favourite Christmas movie to watch?  Or favourite Christmas song?

Christmas movies that I love.... The Polar Express and Elf.  I grew up watching traditional Christmas television specials and they all hold a special, nostalgic place in my heart, but these two movies are our current favourites!

Favourite Christmas songs right now are both by the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Christmas Eve/Sarajevo and Christmas Canon:

Thank you Kera for tagging me, Christmas style!


  1. So great! Thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions. I love that Etsy picture...LOL

    Thank you for leaving the link back on my site :)


  2. Filet minion? I am SO coming to your house!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  3. Awe I LOVE your post lady! Such great responses, and your photos are beautiful. It looks like Christmas is a really fun time for you and your family. I love traditions like the ones you mentioned, especially seeing family and going to look at all the lights. When we were little, my grandparents would drive us around town in our pajamas to see them all. And Trans-Siberian Orchestra...I'd love to see them in concert some year. Thanks for playing along and Merry Christmas!

  4. you are blessed!! love your photos and reading about your traditions.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. You have such a cute blog! I found you on the blog hop.

    Newest follower,


    enter my amazing giveaway! please :)

  6. thanks for sharing your christmas traditions :) - reading this through with my husband and we love the idea of each kid picking an ornament each year (although we don't have any yet :P) stopping by from the blog hop but I already follow your cute blog :)
    merry christmas!

  7. How fun!! Looks like ya'll have a blast together!! Merry merry Christmas!!

    New follower from the hop. Like Nancy, I'm coming over for some of that filet minion too!! hahahah


  8. I hope you had a lovely Christmas with all those you love!!

    Thank you so much for linking up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop last week. I am following you back by the way. :)

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    Jean {What Jean Likes}

  9. Look at your big beautiful family! LOVE IT! I want a big family like you have! Right now, we only have 1 little kiddo but planning on more! Now I can follow your blog and perhaps learn a few tips about having 6 kiddos!! haha. found ya from the weekend blog walk! SO glad I did :) yay for a new bloggy buddy!

  10. New Follower!!Found you via the GFC link up! Love your blog.. hope to get to know you better over 2013! If you have a second, check out my blog.. and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy Happy New Year! K Jaggers

  11. I was tagged by Lanaya for this and it was fun post to do. I hope to one day start the Christmas tree farm tradition. Beautiful Christmas photos. Thanks for stopping by Jenn and following me via MBM...I am glad to have you.

  12. What a Beautiful blog you have! I followed you back from the Aloha Blog Hop!!! Have a Simply Heavenly Day!!!:):)

  13. Thanks for following and commenting on my blog! Followed back :) Happy New Years!

    Summer x

  14. Hi Jenn! Thanks for checking out my blog and joining the hop! Excited to be following a fellow Canadian!

  15. Hi Jenn! New follower through the Tennery's Blog Party! Your home must be such a busy place :))

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