Monday, 18 May 2009

Another long weekend come and gone...

...and for the first time in the six years that we've had a pool, it wasn't open in time for the May long weekend. We've had a few stretches of warm weather but not enough that we could open the pool without running the heater non-stop. Also for the first time - no Victoria Day fireworks going off over the lake. It's a little bit sad that we aren't all bundled up in blankets somewhere along the lakeshore, watching the fireworks display that unofficially brings with it the beginning of summer. All in all the whole weekend was a non-event - some road hockey, some gardening (the dandelions are all gone...for now), some soccer - and just like that the weekend is over.

Fireworks over Kempenfelt Bay, Victoria Day 2004

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  1. If we had a pool we couldn't have gotten in it either. This is the coolest May I can remember EVER having. ~TALU


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