Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Same old, same old

It seems to be my standard response these days.  How's things?  Same old, same old.

Same old weather.  

Same old job.

Same old hockey.  Honestly I love it, but I'm ready for a break from the rink.

Same old packed lunches.

Same old dinners. "Ugh...all we eat is chicken"

Same old laundry.

Number one son and his girlfriend went to Mexico for their reading week holiday, and they had a wonderful trip.  I think that's what I need.  Sunshine and sandy beaches.  

I've been reading:

And discovering:

How to add protein and healthy fat to our smoothies, because we use our blender for smoothies almost every day.

Amazing sculptures, made with recycled farm equipment.

Italian Meatloaf, another recipe to add to 'must try' pile.

March 14 is pi day.  This video demonstrates the pythagorean theory in a really cool way.

Did you know that apple seeds are poisonous?  Along with a few other fruit seeds, yikes.

And, how much sleep do you really need?  Surprise, surprise...I'm not getting enough.


  1. Sounds like you got the blahs, girl. You need to do something wild 'n crazy!

  2. Ugh, hate when I feel in a rut like this :( sometimes a vacation really does feel needed x

  3. Sometimes I appreciate the same old, same old...but not now. I'm so DONE with winter! Same old snow, same old cold weather!

  4. Oh I feel ya.... we got them Winter Blahs my friend!! and sun, sand and surf would definitely be a great cure. but I did feel like the sun felt a little warmer on my face today, so perhaps we will have some Spring weather sooner, rather than later! :)

  5. The routine things begin to feel boring. You must find new ways to do things.

  6. Weather, job, chicken - same here, no escape from it. For the beginning of spring today, we even got another snow storm. In New Jersey. Blaaah! I want back to the Caribbean...


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