Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The world is white.  And I’m not talking about the snow.  We’re living in a world of salt.  It covers the roads and sidewalks.  The cars are coated in a gritty layer of it, inside and out, where it rubs onto coats and pants, so that we walk around wearing it.  We bring it into the house on our boots.  There’s no escaping it.  I thought about going through the car wash the other day, but with -35°C temps outside I decided that I didn’t want to risk freezing the doors shut.

This is winter.  The cold, the snow, and the salt, and all things white.

And when we're dealing with extreme cold outside, there's a lot of this going on inside.

Instagram lately.  There's a lot of food happening.  Along with some hockey, a boreal forest diorama, and a frozen lake.

I feel like I've been in hibernation mode.  I guess that's winter.


  1. I hear so much about all that wonderful white stuff and we don't get any of it. I want more winter.

  2. I feel your pain. Luckily though I enjoy being inside.

  3. February is cabin fever month alright.

  4. So.Much.Salt!!! ugh.
    I know it's necessary, but my goodness - I have cleaned and sprayed my boats so many times this winter, I feel like I will be high for years!! LOL
    And our car is a mess because yes! - with the -30 temperatures, we cannot wash it. The kids snowsuits are covered and need weekly washing because they roll around in the snow-salt the snow plow pushes from the streets... and we shovel from the driveway.
    And then the final insult: I have to sprinkle it on my slippery walkway so no one slips, falls, cracks their head and sues me. oye

  5. Hibernation mode looks delicious. And I really hate salt and how it makes everything dirty. I'm looking forward to spring!

  6. Your post just reminded me that we haven't played Risk in awhile now and I think it's time to pull out the game. Cabin Fever oh I have it to an extreme.... Going crazy extreme :) What else is there to do but cook and eat......

  7. No snow or salt here but mountains of red dirt - that coats everything.
    Why is there salt ?

    MMM i spy waffles.

    1. The roads and sidewalks are salted regularly to melt the ice, otherwise it would be too slippery for us to venture outside :) Necessary, but oh-so messy.

  8. I have felt like hibernating a lot recently!! those food photos have me hungry now!! #PoCoLo

  9. Ooo we haven't had any snow. I'm confused though why is there so much salt? #pocolo

  10. I'm not surprised you have been in hibernation mode! I would have been too if we had had this much snow! That fruit salad looks amazing. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  11. OH LORD - all that snow!!!
    Can't wait for springtime.
    Thanks for sharing at

  12. Your winter photos are lovely. I'm in sunny California but I miss the winters of my home state of Washington. I hope that spring arrives soon in your area. Have a great day :)


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