Wednesday, 30 October 2013

'Twas the Night Before Halloween

We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year.  Too many schedules to juggle... our calendar seems to be relentless right now.  Instead, this momma whipped out the camera at the grocery store pumpkin display. How embarrassing.

The weather forecast is for a rainy night of trick or treating.  I'm thinking we bought too much candy.

Some of you may remember last year's Halloween confession.  I did it again.  Those boxes were open within half an hour of being brought home.  Clearly I can't be trusted around chocolate.

Happy day before Halloween :)

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  1. We are so remote, we never get anyone knocking on the door. They'd be out of luck too as I'd have scoffed the lot.

  2. Where to start? Ah, yes, taking pictures at the grocery store. That one cracked me up, lol!!! And yes, the whole candy thing. Let's see, my husband bought a box of tiny chocolate bars a few days ago, and he actually brought them in the house! BAD mistake! Why? Because last evening he and I finished them off. So, since he is getting home late, if he didn't buy more, one of us is going to have to tomorrow. Heck, we're just pathetic, LOL!

  3. I'm laughing because I totally did photos at the grocery store pumpkin selection once and called it "pumpkin patch photos." Hey, whatever works.

  4. You buy the good kind of candy, love it! :) I love that you used grocery store pumpkins, it is no requirement to go to a patch. Happy Halloween! Thanks for linking up!

  5. That's the coolest grocery store display I've seen. And love how much candy you bought!!
    Thanks for linking up! :)

  6. LOL it's supposed to be raining here tomorrow night too! We bought some rice crispy treats and we have some left-overs from what we took to school & the kids didn't take. Great photos!

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday!


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