Wednesday 19 November 2014

Where to Begin

It's mid November.  And it's full on winter.  I know we had autumn... I remember the leaves.  I remember admiring them as I drove past them every day, vowing to take photos of each and every tree.  And I remember noticing one day that the leaves had turned brown, and most of them were blowing across the road and collecting in ditches.  The gallery of photos I imagined never came to be.  I remember the first frost, and the panic when I realised that Halloween was two days away and we hadn't bought any candy yet.  I know there was a Thanksgiving dinner.  But it all seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.

And that makes me feel all panicky inside.  I've tried to be more intentional with my camera, but sometimes there doesn't seem to be anything worth capturing.  Day to day life is usually pretty ordinary.  And then I remember that it's not just about the events...the birthdays, the holidays, the family outings, the sporting events.  It's also about the routines that make up our days and weeks.  These ordinary, mundane things make up a large part of our lives, and they deserve a spot in our memory keeping too.  Even if it means a quick shot with a cell phone because the real camera isn't handy.

Waiting at the train station for our girl that commutes to the city for school.  Packing lunches and making dinner.  A Trader Joe's surprise after hubby's trip stateside. The dropping price of gas, and a weekly Costco trip.  Homework and traffic.  Sunset by 5pm, and discovering a new tea shop.  

More food.  Eating is a big part of the story, after all.  If you've never made smashed potatoes, you need to.  SO good.  And leftover fried rice is the tastiest way to clean out the fridge.  Early morning baking, and loading the dishwasher.  Seasonal coffee cups and dogs in sweaters.  Frosted Flakes for lunch, just because.  Hockey games and the first snowfall of the season.

I did manage to get a few photos on Halloween.  Including matching towels and pumpkins.

We created a Halloween window display like the one we made last year.

There were a couple of birthday's.  One of the birthday boys wanted steak dinner and fudge instead of cake.  The other one chose taco night for his celebration.

The kids put their Christmas tree up over the weekend.  Now the pressure is on to get a few more Christmas decorations up around the house.

Yesterday we had the first snowfall of the season.

And tonight it's snowing, again.


  1. Those snowy pictures look like fun! Thanks for following my blog. :)

  2. Fall just flew by ... like leaves off a tree!
    I did manage to capture many pics of that -- but I haven't captured much since. But I agree -- the daily mundane is beautiful because it so much of our lives. And all life is beautiful - in all it's aspects.
    Boy - you got a lot more snow than us!! I love the first snowfall - but now, yeah - I can wait for more. ha

  3. Oh my goodness Jenn - look at that snow! All we have here is mist and drizzle. Not even a decent frost. I can't believe you've got your tree up already. I've bought a lot pf presents but no decorating before December 10th....that's the rule! xx

  4. Hi Jenn,
    That hot chocolate looks good! Very cold here in New Hampshire, but no snow yet...ok with me! Buffalo got enough for both of us! Hope all is well with you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!
    @ A Place for Pictures and Memories

  5. Its been awhile since it snowed. We miss it last year. I am thinking am I going to wish for it? I wish it will for my son but not too much cuz we are a bit tight on money and heating might be a problem. #pocolo

  6. I just found your blog through a Pin (crockpot oatmeal). I always like finding another Canadian blogger, especially one from Ontario. I'll stop by again.

  7. Hi Jenn, you have got some great photographs just capturing everyday life...The fudge looks tasty and I would love snow like that...Only for a week or so mind you!

    So often I think of how I would like to capture the changing of the seasons in photographs, but they seem to change so much faster than I take the photos!

    Popped over #PoCoLo.

  8. I think I have said before that I love your photos. I love how you have captured every day life here - I never get bored of looking at peoples pictures! That snow! That is immense! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo :) x

  9. Snow?! Yeeha! I know that sometimes it can feel as though our pictures are boring and not amazing enough but they're of real life. The ones of the pumpkins are incredible!

  10. Oh wow! Look at all the snow!! We can only dream of snow like that in the UK! Lovely photos :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  11. Oh look at the snow! Almost jealous, I'm a whimp with cold haha love all your photos this week and how you've aummed everything up perfectly. I always say it the little things that count and that goes for memories too :)


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