Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Food on Instagram

So, my Instagram feed is full up with food these days.  Over the past few days there were cupcakes, muffins, and granola bars.  A taco night emergency resulted in some DIY taco seasoning, and now I know that I never have to buy the packaged stuff again. 

I want to make another batch of these granola bars before I share the recipe, just to make sure they turn out as well the second time around.  The taco seasoning was amazing, more heat and less salt than the store-bought stuff, and I'll be sharing that combo of spices soon too. 

The lemon glazed blueberry muffins were my kids' idea, based on this recipe, and the cupcakes were all the kids' doing as well.  

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday.  Check out last year's post if you're stuck for a quick and easy Father's Day craft.


  1. Oh no, you just made me even more hungry now. They look so tasty.
    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!

  2. Same here, food is taking over my Instagram more, too! You actually make me want to take more photos of food after looking at yours!

  3. Love the pix and yes those cupcakes are so appealing :)
    Welcome to abracabadra and thanks for linking up!

  4. Love home-made taco seasoning! It's so much healthier!

  5. Awesome photos... and the food looks amazing! :)

  6. I followed this blog on my Tumblr that is called Food Love -- and oh my goodness. I'm like constantly hungry now. so much yummy.

  7. Yummy :)

    Thanks for sharing over at the weekend blog hop..


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